New Home

Friends and family we got internet. I am reconnected with the world, so beware.
We are now home owners, now I am a all grown up.
we have been in our new home for about 4 months. This is our living room and kitchen and living room. We had a lot of fun over Christmas, with just the four of us in the new home.


Em said...

I love your home it is super nice, congrats you guys.

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

Love it! Need more pictures!!!! so happy for you.

ML Stallings said...

Hi. I enjoyed dinner at your house over Christmas. Pretty soon you get to do yardwork!

Linds said...

It is so beautiful!

cambersue said...

Hey guys, your place looks really nice. Mom couldn't stop talking about how much she liked Ganae's decorating and interior design. Sounds like you are doing great! Hopefully we can come visit soon.


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How did she get so big.

How did she get so big.