We moved to Idaho Falls, We are in a little two bed room apt. Eric is working at Shaire near our a home. We like to go walking down by the falls, and swim in Grandpa's pool. We have turned into pool rats for the summer.
I want to thank all of our friends that help us move, we could not have done it with out you. Eric and I miss all of you so much. Thank you for making Laramie a wonderful place to live.


Em said...

I can't believe you guys have left. I am going to miss coming to Laramie and being able to see you. We are for sure going to have to plan something to do so we can see eachother and I am cool with meeting in the middle.

Wyoming Mom said...

We miss you guys already!!!!!

The Clews Crew said...

We're glad you're here!! :)

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

yay, Idaho and even better, Idaho Falls. How fun for you guys! Come visit us sometime, we are in Sandy, UT. Not too far. Have fun swimming, if your kids take after you they probably love the water. So far our kids take after me and hate the water...they are such wimps.

cambersue said...

wow...real grown-ups. you've gotta let me know how it feels!

Milmonster said...

Ganae, I found your blog! I'm glad Eric got a job and hope things work out. We miss you!


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How did she get so big.