Eric got a real Job! :)

I was hired yesterday by Bettis Laboratory. It is a governmental job based out at the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls. They’re starting a 1.5 billion dollar project that I will be part of the structural team in designing. They offered me a better salary than any graduate student I’ve heard of starting off. The benefits are awesome; they have agreed to relocate the family to Idaho with a paid house hunt time. This is where I will be residing for the next several years and we couldn’t be happier… unless it was Rock Springs that would have been the ultimate. By the picture you might be able to tell that the Bettis Laboratory does work for the Navy. Bettis is located about an hour away from Idaho Falls at a nuclear facility Ganae always said I had a radiant personality. I have completed my Fundamentals of Engineering Exam and so now all I need is at least 4 years of experience and I’ll be eligible to take the Practitioner’s Engineering Exam then if I pass that then I’ll finally be considered an engineer.



Gary, Kristi, Adi, Robby said...

Congrats!!!! That's so exciting you guys. Can't wait to see you more!

Wyoming Mom said...

WOW! Congrats, you guys! We are so excited for you, even though we will miss you!!

Em said...

That is AWESOME!! That Eric got a job I was hoping for Rock Springs just cause that is where we are but hey getting the job is what matters. Congrats, when so you guys move?

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

Good job Eric...I mean Phred. When do you guys move? We'll be close, in Salt Lake. Good luck with that job, sounds like it will be fun. Tell Ganae and the kids hello.

cambersue said...

Eric and Ganae, that's really good news! You got a job with a great location, with good pay, and doing what you wanted. I'm really happy for your family! This is a whole new chapter in your lives... congrats.



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