How your children can help you keep your house clean!

Potty training your 2 year old is a wonderful way to help make sure your rugs and carpet get their weekly cleaning. Also if you are potty training a boy you get to clean the toilet on a daily bases. Don’t forget about the laundry, you don’t want to run out of clean bedding, pants and underwear.
Bath time is a wonderful opportunity to mop down your bathroom floor and walls. Those crazy kids love playing shamo in the tub. Brushing your children’s teeth is a great way to get their teeth clean. After they spit all over the sink and counters you get to clean them. Oh joy.
Need motivation to clean your whole kitchen, just let your totter help you cook. Gianna and Konner help me once and Konner dump oil on his head and on the floor. Gianna sprinkled flour all over, and said it was fairy dust, and wanted to fly to grandma’s house.
Snack time is the best, not only do you get to sweep and or vacuum the floors; you get to wipe the walls, windows, and counters down. All depending on what you serve of course. From all the snacking you don’t want to run out of dishes. Yippy, time to wash more dishes.
Missing toys! Just clean out from under the nearest bed or couch, great way to get the hidden dust bunny.
Coloring time is a rare opportunity, have you heard (the world is your canvas). Well my children take that to heart but instead of the world it was the house. I was taking a shower and Konner found the markers. Went to town on my white couch, but never fear I ceased the occasion and now my couch is cleaner than ever. Happy Spring Cleaning


K and T Gardner said...

I heard a signing once that I totally agree with "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the snow while it is still snowing!" It always amazes me how you can spend the whole day cleaning the house and the kids only take 5 minutes to destroy it!

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

so true. only I'm not as nice as you. I don't think I would let Damon play in the flour that would be a nightmare! Aren't kids great to keep you on your toes?

Workman's said...

well I haven't yet to experience any of this joy because Addy is still to small but I know it will be here soon enough and part of me can't wait! They make for great pictures and stories!! Being a mom is the best, right?

Workman's said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous in your ball pictures.


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